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HIV epidemic hits USA state

The governor of Indiana has declared a public health emergency after an HIV outbreak “reached epidemic proportions” in part of the state. Continue reading

Patients in danger as ARVs run out

MORE than half a million people living with HIV and AIDS are in danger as the public hospitals countrywide are experiencing shortages of the anti-retroviral (ARVs) drugs. Continue reading

HIV positive students suffer discrimination

Despite years of hard work by government agencies, NGOs and community groups, youths living with HIV and AIDS are still stigmatised at school and in their communities. Continue reading

HIV-infected baby not cured after all

A toddler born in Mississippi, in the USA, has turned out to still be infected with the HIV virus after-all. The toddler had been administered an aggressive anti-retroviral therapy after being born to an HIV positive mother who had not received any prenatal HIV therapy.
Continue reading

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