Conduct A Vitamin Drive


Get these from your grocery store and donate them to HAZ.

Get these from your grocery store and donate them to HAZ.


Multi-vitamins are critical  in the clinical and nutritional care of HIV patients.

We distribute a free supply of multi-vitamins to each of our adult, and young patients through the Clinical Services Program.

Multivitamins are fairly affordable from your local grocery store.  We also think our Vitamin Drive is an engaging way for you to get meaningfully involved in what we do. So please go ahead, …

Find out how to  Conduct A Vitamin Drive In your Home or at Work .

Learn more about the Clinical Services Program.


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  1. Tewodros says:

    Although the benefits of multivitamin daily supplements are accepted, there is a big concern about some vitamins and minerals, which may cause a deliterious effects in HIV patients. Iron and high dose Vit A supplements among the few in this category.

  2. Tewodros says:

    It would be good to add that though multivitamins have shown benefits for HIV/AIDS patients, doses of some vitamins and minerals higher than RDAs may actually be deliterious. High dose Vit A and Iron supplements are among the many supplementations currently not recommended. I hope to substantiate this comment by the supporting article but I got this information consistently.

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