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We Have A Consultant for That.

Following a failed initial start a few years ago, the HIV/AIDS|Zimbabwe Charity INC (HAZ) consultancy services program (HAZConsulting) has finally been initiated and is beginning to see encouraging growth as HIV/AIDS and health professionals with experience in or on Zimbabwe, sign up with the program from all corners of the globe.

Several years ago, HAZ experimented with implementing a consultancy services program.  This initial effort was tabled as a result of technical challenges that could not be addressed at the time.  However, in 2011, the concept was revisited, resulting in the successful establishment of what is now HAZConsulting. Since July of 2011, the program has been actively recruiting consultants from all across the globe, with proven in-country expertise pertinent to Zimbabwe’s health sector, and/or to HIV/AIDS and Zimbabwe.

As we approach the end of 2012, the program now has recruited 15 Associate Consultants, whose demographic break-down is shown in the table below.

HAZ Consultancy Services Program: Consultant demographics.
TOTALSNumber of Consultants15
Terminal Academic DegreesBachelor's1
Professional DegreesMBCHB4
South Africa3
Other African Countries1
United States of America1
United Kingdom3

It is self-evident in studying the demographics of the professionals already recruited to HAZConsulting, that the program has a disproportionately lower number of female consultants.  HAZ is making every possible effort in its recruitment campaign to target female professionals to sign up with the program.

On a positive note however, HAZ has recruited a majority of professionals from within Zimbabwe, and a number from within the African continent.  HAZ’s recruitment process for the consultancy service has been deliberately measured, as the organization filters through each applicant, to ensure that all applicants eventually signed up with the program have direct and relevant in-country expertise, pertinent to Zimbabwe, and the country’s efforts against HIV/AIDS, or pertinent to the country’s health sector.  All consultants successfully recruited to the program must also demonstrate that they possess post-academic experience working on pertinent programs or projects that demonstrate their proclaimed expertise.

The HAZ consultancy service has been developed with the objective of promoting and supporting quality and professional HIV/AIDS and health programs in Zimbabwe (and/or pertinent to Zimbabwe), considerate of, and respectful to, the interests of the people of Zimbabwe, and that meet international standards of practice.  The program is also being developed as a means of generating revenue for the programs that HAZ conducts in Zimbabwe.  Nonetheless, the program has been designed to provide generous returns to participating professionals who stand to retain anywhere from 75% to 95% of all revenue generated per project, depending on the overall budget of the project.

HAZ believes that the consultancy services program is not just a well-intentioned initiative, but one with great potential for utility for anyone (individual, organization or other entity) wishing to conduct HIV/AIDS or health related work in, on, or pertinent to Zimbabwe.  The initiative continues to be a work under development, and HAZ is welcoming feedback and comments to help ensure the success of the program.

Potential clients wishing to utilize the service must complete a Request for Consultation before access to the Consultant database can be granted.  Qualified professionals wishing to be considered as consultants should submit their application through the HAZ website. Anyone wishing to provide feedback on any aspect of this program, or wishing to support this program in some other way may leave their feedback in the comments section below, or send a note directly to HAZ.

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