HIV/AIDS|ZIMBABWE CHARITY, INC., (HAZ) is a global not-for-profit multi-service organization (MSO). In addition to the online services we provide through our website (NEWS content, ZOLAR, etc), we provide direct living support to a number of Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe, living with HIV/AIDS.

First registered in the USA as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity organization in 2006, HAZ currently has chapters in the United Kingdom where the organization is registered as a Charitable Organization, and in Zimbabwe where the organization is a “Registered Trust”. We have projects at varying stages of development and activity. All our efforts are supported by public donations and when available, through grant funding. We invite you to learn more about our projects and we appeal for you to support our projects by making regular donations through any one of our giving options.

Aside from supporting HAZ through financial donations, there are different ways for you to get involved with our organization, and make a meaningful contribution to our mission. Learn about our Vitamin Drive, the ZARMarketplace, ZOLAR (The Zimbabwe Online Library of hiv & AIDS References), and our Publications initiative to get involved. You can also register as a volunteer and when we have projects that you can help out with, we will let you know.