Conduct A Vitamin Drive


Get these from your grocery store and donate them to HAZ.

Get these from your grocery store and donate them to HAZ.


Multi-vitamins are critical  in the clinical and nutritional care of HIV patients.

We distribute a free supply of multi-vitamins to each of our adult, and young patients through the Clinical Services Program.

Multivitamins are fairly affordable from your local grocery store.  We also think our Vitamin Drive is an engaging way for you to get meaningfully involved in what we do. So please go ahead, …

Find out how to  Conduct A Vitamin Drive In your Home or at Work .

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Until There’s A Cure

We are indebted in gratitude to The UNTIL THERE IS A CURE Foundation, because they provided us with the seed funding for our Clinical Services Program.  UNTIL raises funds that are subsequently awarded to HIV/AIDS organizations such as ours, through the sale of bracelets.  By buying a bracelet from UNTIL you immediately become an activist, directly involved in saving the life of someone living with the HIV virus.  You may also choose to recognize us during your purchase from UNTIL, by selecting HIVAIDSZIMBABWE from the list of referring partners, in the UNTIL THERE’S A CURE shopping cart, during your check-out process.


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Be of service through writing.  People from all across the world visit HAZ on a daily basis, because we serve as an invaluable resource of information of interest to individuals, students, and organizations alike, seeking to learn more about different aspects of HIV, AIDS and Zimbabwe.  You can be an invaluable part of our mission to serve the global community by providing original, pertinent and accurate information on HIV/AIDS as it relates to Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans.  Now, earn points towards membership to the HAZ Donor’s Club for each article published on HAZ.

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