HIV epidemic hits USA state

The governor of Indiana has declared a public health emergency after an HIV outbreak “reached epidemic proportions” in part of the state. Continue reading

Patients in danger as ARVs run out

MORE than half a million people living with HIV and AIDS are in danger as the public hospitals countrywide are experiencing shortages of the anti-retroviral (ARVs) drugs. Continue reading

HIV positive students suffer discrimination

Despite years of hard work by government agencies, NGOs and community groups, youths living with HIV and AIDS are still stigmatised at school and in their communities. Continue reading

HIV-infected baby not cured after all

A toddler born in Mississippi, in the USA, has turned out to still be infected with the HIV virus after-all. The toddler had been administered an aggressive anti-retroviral therapy after being born to an HIV positive mother who had not received any prenatal HIV therapy.
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Unpacking HIV, AIDS through the lenses of religion

The world has been battling the spread of HIV and Aids which continues to claim millions of lives every single day. It is for this reason that majority of these people are pinning their hopes on science and medicine while others in Zimbabwe have resorted to faith healing. Continue reading

Snip Decision: Africa’s Campaign To Circumcise Its Men

If you turn on a radio in Zimbabwe these days, it won’t be long before you hear a public service spot featuring the voice of a deejay who goes by the name “Napster the Radio Master.” Napster tells his audience that … Continue reading

Farewell Madiba!

HAZ honors and celebrates the life of Nelson Rolinhlanhla Mandela (Madiba). Mandela was not a remarkable icon only for his well-known life-long fight for justice, social and economic parity for the people of South Africa, but also for his fight in his later years, against HIV and AIDS. Continue reading

Murambatsvina Two to hit HIV sufferers

THE government’s decision to embark on the demolition of illegal structures around the country which has been likened to the widely criticised 2005 Murambatsvina campaign, will hit HIV/AIDS patients hardest, rights activists have warned. Continue reading

Many struggle to survive in “City of Gold”

TOO weak to sit, or even hold up his head, Prince Sibanda is slowly starving to death. The baby is almost two but his tiny body resembles that of an infant of five months. Continue reading

ZNNP+ launches Miss HIV

THE Zimbabwe National Network for People Living with HIV/AIDS has launched a pageant for women living with HIV/AIDS in Matabeleland South Province.
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