Projects & Partnerships

Our projects have each been designed to:

  • Provide free medical care or access to such care, to Zimbabweans living with HIV/AIDS
  • Provide psycho-social support to children infected with, or directly affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Provide living support to individuals, families and children infected with, or affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Provide educational support to children infected with, or directly affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Provide a platform for open discussion of HIV/AIDS topics and issues pertinent to Zimbabweans
  • Provide access to current, relevant and accurate information on HIV/AIDS as it relates to Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans

We encourage you to learn more about each project by visiting the respective project pages.

We currently have six (6) projects that we have committed to. Of these 6, we consider the Clinical Services Program (CSP) our most vital project, as lives literally depend upon its sustainability. However, all the six projects we committed to were selected and/developed out of our recognition of the great needs faced by the individuals we intended to benefit through each project.

The CSP was designed to ensure that all the participants in all our 6 projects have access to medical care for their HIV related needs. Such clinical services have been or are provided either provided directly by us, or by other service providers we refer our clients to. The CSP is our overarching program, which benefits/has benefited participants in all our other projects. It is thus most critical for us to sustain the CSP through these difficult times, and so our most pressing needs are for this project.

Needs for the Clinical Services Program (CSP) include:

  • HIV medications of funds to purchase the medications
  • Multivitamins for the patients
  • Antibiotic ointments to fight off skin rashes and infections
  • Food supplies to provide nutritional fortification for the patients
  • Funds to facilitate the clinical operations (transportation, room and board for our volunteers during the clinic sessions)
  • Funds to pay the consultation fees for the patients

Needs for the Ilanga Self Empowerment Network Project (ISEN) include:

  • Food supplies to fortify the nutritional needs of the clients
  • Funds to cover school fees for the children of the women in ISEN
  • Educational Supplies for the children of the women in ISEN
  • Clothing supplies for the women and their children
  • Please note that we have drawn up a long-term framework for ISEN which we hope will eventually provide the women at ISEN with the ability to support themselves and their families. However, the current realities on the ground have simply drawn us away from that framework for now, to focus instead on more pressing survival needs. However, you can access the framework document here.

Needs for the Chitungwiza Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Project (COVCP) include:

  • Food supplies to fortify the nutritional needs of the children in this program
  • Educational supplies for the children in this program
  • Clothing supplies for the children in the program
  • Funds to cover the school fees for the children in this program

Needs for the Masiye Camp Psycho-social Support Project (Masiye) include:

  • Funds to facilitate attendance of children in all our projects, to at least one Masiye Camp Session

Needs for the World AIDS Day Essay Contest (WADEC) project include:

  • Conceptual ideas to improve upon this project
  • Sponsorship of prizes to be awarded to winning contestants

Needs for the Home of Hope Zimbabwe project include:

  • Funds to support the orphanage
  • Building materials to complete construction of homes at the orphanage
  • Educational supplies for the children at the orphanage
  • Clothing supplies for the children and nuns at the orphanage

Obviously, this list does not include our administrative needs as an organization, to enable us to actually administer these projects, but I am sure you can see that the needs on the ground are many and almost overwhelming. However, any small need you can meet goes a LONG, LONG way, in making a difference to the life of even one beneficiary that you can support from any of the projects. So we ask that you give us any support you can, and we welcome your feedback on how we can better meet the needs outlined here.

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