Mopani Junction: Episode 14

cdzim7The people of Mopani Junction gather to honor a member of their community, Thursday Gumbo, with the custodianship of their land and the springs there-in.  Jackson meets with a shady character (Mr. Max Mhiripiri) to try and get assistance salvaging his family’s faltering empire.  The meeting seems to be leading to a new business deal between the Gumbo enterprise and the new character.  But is Jackson representing the interests of the entire family?

Healthbeat: Tsitsi Masvaure and Simon Muchemwa

Tsitsi Masvaure, a PhD candidate at the University of Pretoria with an interest in sexuality, sexual health and HIV issues, talks about the sexual network slang used by students at the University of Zimbabwe. Simon Muchemwa talks about concerns that have been raised over the spread of swine flu from South Africa. Concerns have also been raised by the South African Ministry of Health that they might have to bear the financial costs of a large scale African swine flu epidemic, because of the increasing numbers of medical migrants.

Mopani Junction: Episode 13

cdzim7Jackson and his mother feud over his brother, Luckson’s impending marriage to Noma.  Loveness is torn between leaving her husband, Misheck, and staying for her children’s sake.  Josh is confronted by his mother over Christine’s expulsion from school and her pregnancy.  Josh decides he needs a break away from Mopani Junction.  Spiwe accuses Jimmy of lacing her drink at a recent party they attended together.  And the Gumbo shop is robbed.

Healthbeat: Tsitsi Masvaure and Lionel Saungweme

Tsitsi Masvaure is a PhD candidate in Anthropology at the University of Pretoria’s Centre for the Study of AIDS and she has focused her studies on sexuality, sexual health and HIV issues amongst the student population of the University of Zimbabwe. She talks about the reasons why some of these youths seem more vulnerable to HIV, and how their behaviour and attitudes impact on this. Lionel Saungweme talks about the plight of the elderly at a residential unit in Bareham Green, Bulawayo, amidst allegations of misappropriation of funds.

Mopani Junction: Episode 12

cdzim7After last week’s introduction of a “second wife” by Misheck to his wife, Loveness now finds herself in hospital, where she meets an old schoolmate of hers. Luckson’s family heads to Noma’s home to negotiate the bride-price (Roora/Lobola) .  The family is confident that they can hide Noma’s pregnancy in order to keep the bride-price reasonable.  We also visit a party with Spiwe and friends.