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Photo of Biomedical Research and Training Institute
Other 4th Floor Nicoz Diamond House Samora Machel Street Harare Zimbabwe
Work Phone: +2634735000 Work Fax: +2634735033 Website: Visit Website Website:

The mission of the BRTI is to promote the health and quality of life of the peoples of Africa through research and training in the field of biomedicine. The institute emphasises the need to establish and maintain the highest levels of quality, professionalism, ethical standards and efficiency in its activities, and publishes these webpages in a spirit of openness and transparency.

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Photo of Cancer Association of Zimbabwe
Work Harare Cancer Centre 60 Livingstone Ave, Harare Zimbabwe

The Cancer Association of Zimbabwe is committed to raising cancer awareness and improving the quality of life of patients and their familiesOur mission is to collectively reduce the disease burden due to cancer through promotion of action research , education , supportive counseling , advocacy and other evidence based interventions taking a holistic approach

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The Medical Research Council of Zimbabwe, which is the National Ethics Committee (NEC) was established in 1974 in terms of the Research Act of 1959 and Government Notice Number 225 of 1974 in order to provide health researchers and institutions which/in which health research is conducted, with independent ethical advice on research conducted by those researchers or by/within those institutions. The MRCZ is established and supported by the Government of Zimbabwe through the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare. The MRCZ is composed of scientists, medical experts, ethicists, patient representatives, and community representatives. It is independent in its reflection, advice, and decision. The MRCZ depends on annual grant from the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare as well as donations from well-wishers. The MRCZ also raises income through other means such as charging for services rendered. Donations in any form are most welcome.

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Photo of Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe
Other 106 Baines Avenue cnr Third Street P.O.Box 10559 Harare 00263 Zimbabwe
Work Phone: +263-4-736981-5, +263-4-708255, +263-4-792165 Cell Phone: +263 (0) 772 145 191-3 Work Fax: +263-4-736980 Website: Visit Website Website:

Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe is responsible for protecting public and animal health by ensuring that accessible medicines and allied substances and medical devices are safe, effective and of good quality through enforcement of adherence to standards by manufacturers and distributors.

The Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) would like to advise its valued customers that it now has the following additional telephone lines:
(04) 2901327, (04) 2901328, (04) 2901329, (04) 2901330, (04) 2901331

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Photo of Ministry of Health and Child Welfare
Other Kaguvi Building, 4th Floor Central Avenue (Between 4 th and 5 th Street) Harare Zimbabwe Other Box CY 1122 Causeway Harare Zimbabwe
Work Phone: +263-4-798537-60 Work Fax: +263-4-729154/ 793634 Website: Visit Website Website:

The mission of the MOHCW is to provide, administer, coordinate, promote and advocate for the provision of quality health services and care to Zimbabweans while maximising the use of available resources.

In pursuing this, the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare is committed to the following values: -

Ø Equity in health status and health care
Ø Comprehensive quality services
Ø Cost effectiveness (Value for money) and efficiency
Ø Client and provider satisfaction
Ø Transparency and accountability
Ø Ownership and partnership in health
Ø The Ministry of Health and Child Welfare further commits itself to monitoring and evaluating the performance of the health service to ensure accountability and adherence to national standards and policies.

The mission of the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare will be pursued through:

Ø Continuously reforming the Health Sector in line with changing needs.
Ø Strengthening the Primary Health Care Approach as the main strategy for health development.
Ø Increasing partnership in health services and care whilst maintaining the principle of three ones (one national plan, one coordinating mechanism and one monitoring and evaluation mechanism)
Ø Ensuring resource availability and sustainability.

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Work Phone: +263 4 791170 -2 Work Fax: +263 4 791243 Website: Visit Website Website:

National AIDS Council (NAC) is an organization enacted through the Act of Parliament of 1999 to coordinate and facilitate the national multi-sectoral response to HIV and AIDS. It is also mandated to administer the National AIDS Trust Fund (NATF) collected through the AIDS Levy i.e. the 3% collected from every workers taxable income (PAYE) and corporate tax.

The mandate of NAC is to provide for measures to combat the spread of Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV) and management, coordination and implementation of programmes that reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS. (The National AIDS Council Act Chapter 15:14 of 2000)

Although the Act gives NAC the power to implement programmes, it is now generally agreed that its role and comparative advantage is to lead, co-ordinate, monitor and evaluate the national response to HIV and AIDS.

The Act gives NAC the following functions and powers:

Ensure the development of strategies and policies to respond to HIV and AIDS, mitigate the effects of the HIV and AIDS epidemic and promote and coordinate the application of such strategies and policies;
Mobilize and manage resources in support of a national response to HIV and AIDS;
Enhance the capacity of the various sectors of the community to respond to the HIV and AIDS epidemic and to coordinate their responses;
Encourage the provision of facilities to treat and care for persons living with HIV and their dependents;
Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies and policies and the national response to HIV and AIDS;
Promote and coordinate research into HIV and AIDS and ensure the effective dissemination of and application of the results of such research; and
Disseminate and encourage dissemination of information on all aspects of HIV and AIDS to all stakeholders, among other things.

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The Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) is a statutory body established in terms of the Research Act of 1986. It is mandated to promote, direct, supervise and co-ordinate research. One major function of RCZ is advising Government on issues of research for sustainable development. RCZ also provides an exceptional forum for interaction and discussion for the mutual benefit of Government, academia and industrialists. It is an established conduit for financial and administrative support for collaborative research among research institutes and councils. RCZ organises biennial symposia and produces proceedings thereof. Under its grants and awards programme, six journals have received funding.

RCZ’s role is that of a catalyst, having identified broad areas of concern, it consults and brings together relevant experts to define a programme of work and to seek sources of funds. The RCZ establishes and maintains links with professional bodies and centres of excellence to enhance the quality of its role as a facilitator of national and international collaboration. Collaborative linkages with organisations such as The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS), International Council for Science (ICSU), United Nations Programmes and the ICSU Regional Office for Africa keep the RCZ abreast with international developments.

The RCZ is serviced by a Secretariat headed by an Executive Director.

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Photo of University of Zimbabwe Clinical Research Center
Work Parirenyatwa Hospital Annexe Cnr J. Tongogara/Mazowe St. Box A1578 Avondale Harare Zimbabwe
Work Phone: +263 - 4 - 701717 / 701356 / 705995 Work Fax: + 263 - 4 - 705986 Website: Visit Website Website:

HIV/AIDS treatment research site; training and capacity building for the implementation of AIDS treatment programmes throughout the country, including the national antiretroviral programme.

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Photo of Zimbabwe National Quality Assurance (ZINQAP) Trust
Other Old Parirenyatwa Hospital Building Parirenyatwa Hospital, Mazoe Street Harare Zimbabwe Other P.O. Box A1955 Harare Zimbabwe
Work Phone: +263 (4) 791 474, +263 (4) 790 726/9 Work Fax: +263 (4) 791 474 Website: Visit Website Website:

The Zimbabwe National Quality Assurance Program (ZINQAP) Trust provides the following services:

- Proficiency Testing (PT) Services;
- On-site assessment;
- Strengthening Medical Laboratory Management towards Accreditation through capacity building short courses.
- Development of National Standard Operating Procedures
- Annual Scientific Conference.

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